Boex Germany is a brand that sells throughout Africa, the Middle East, Southern America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Boex Germany is one of the largest sellers of second-hand shoes in Germany, are within the top ten in Europe and a major world player.

Boex sells second-hand used shoes worldwide. Boex is the most successful seller of used shoes.

Boex Vertriebsgesellschft mbH is located in Frankfurt/Main within a 20-minute drive of the Frankfurt/Main International Airport.

Our mission: to supply consistently graded used shoes that enhance people’s lives and improve their self-esteem.

The products covered by this heading Christian Mueller  Boex  Christian Muller  Boex Germany  Used Shoes friperieare very well known and in high demand.

Boex Germany is a brand that sells throughout Africa, the Middle East, Southern America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Should you require any further information on our company and our products, please click our website at or/and

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Shopping for Used Shoes: Amazing Choices in Just a Few Clicks

There are many people who travel from one place to another all at the same time. Millions and millions of feet trudge on this planet. Every single day, they go to their office, head to the café to grab their favorite drink or they go on a sightseeing vacation. Of course, you need to have the right kind of footwear for all of these activities. Whether patent or leather, elegant or sporty, with high heels, laces or open toes, as far as shoes are concerned, the streets of the world no doubt serve as a catwalk that showcases footwear for all budgets and tastes.

No matter what kind of activity you might have in mind, it is very important that you look for quality footwear. Unfortunately, these things can become a bit expensive. Look at it this way. If you have several hundreds of dollars, what will you buy first, shoes for your feet or food for your stomach? Of course, the answer would be the second one. But it does not mean that you have to just torment yourself with having one pair of shoes that you wear for every activity that you have. This is not advisable, not to mention that it will look ridiculous if you jog while wearing your dress shoes. Funny, but it makes sense.

Shopping for Used Shoes: Amazing Choices in Just a Few Clicks

Shopping for Used Shoes: Amazing Choices in Just a Few Clicks

Good thing that in this modern society, it has become easier than ever to find the right footwear that will fit your budget. Thanks to the many retailers that offer used shoes, you can be sure that you will be getting the right shoes for your morning jog, the best choice for special occasions and the perfect one for everyday use.

In the past, only very few people go for used items but as time goes by, people have come to realized that second hand items are not really as bad and in fact, they can even be so much better than the new ones that you can find in the stores in your area. Some of these second hand footwear even bear the names of the most popular and in demand brands of the world, something that you might not really be able to afford if you buy the brand new choices but can easily be yours if you look for them in second hand stores.

The really best thing about these used shoes is that these can all be yours in just several clicks away. More and more sellers now offer their products online and you too can take advantage of the perks that online shopping has to offer. If you are busy with your hectic schedule, there is no need for you to even leave your home because all you need to do is just to go online and look for the most dependable providers of used shoes. Now, don’t miss this very rare opportunity of getting new footwear that is great for all of your everyday activities. Make the right move today and enjoy your shoes at the best way possible.

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We are the Boex Company Germany

The Boex Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH, a medium-sized company based in Frankfurt am Main employs several workers in the low-wage sector, to accomplish the preparations for the export of used shoes and old clothing. What jobs can offer Christian Muller from Boex and how do the employees see their jobs?

Collecting trips for the Boex Company Germany

Christian Muller from Boex offers jobs both in the logistics and in the commissioning sector. Among the logistics areas, drivers are especially requested, to empty the old clothing containers which are set in whole Germany. For the so-called collecting trips, Christian Muller from Boex is using up to 3.5 tons delivery vans, which are not subjects to the legal requirements of the road haulage legislation. The logistic activities of the Boex Company Germany are not the main goal of the business activity. This means that the collecting trips are not classified as commercial transports, and the drivers don’t have to demonstrate to be in possess of the regular modules to obtain the driving licence. The “old 3rd Class driving licence” is absolutely enough. Furthermore, this also eliminates the documentation required by the digital tachograph, which means that Christian Muller from Boex can collect the old clothing and the used shoes with much more flexibility. The drivers never feel alone on their trips, because, thanks to mobile phones, the Boex Company Germany stays reachable around the clock for emergencies, and is able to intervene from the head-quarter through GPS systems to modify the transport processes.

Quality check for used shoes and old clothing


Boex Company Used shoes supplier and Exporter. Second Hand shoes and clothing for sale.

The commissioning area of the Boex Company Germany is located in Frankfurt am Main. There, the incoming trucks are unloaded manually on trolleys, which are slowly introduced into the further treatment processing. The Boex Company Germany distinguishes between sorted goods and original goods. In case of original products, the customers get used shoes and second-hand clothing at lowest prices, exactly in the way they were thrown by first users. In this case, the export doesn’t require any sorting. The biggest part of the exports is shipped to Africa as “sorted goods”. To sort used shoes, you hardly need previous knowledge. The works are gladly done by housewives, students or independent mini-jobbers, to earn a few Euros more. What should do the selectors working by Boex of Christian Muller? The incoming goods (used shoes and old clothing) are taken from the trolleys and from the bags of the “donors”. The second-hand goods are checked, whether they can be re-used or must be introduced into the recycling process, and used shoes will be bundled in pairs.

Order picking for export

The preparation for the export consists of several stages. Old clothing perceived as suitable are packed in about 25 kg manageable bags, weighed and sealed with a sewing machine. The special highlight of the Boex Company Germany is the weighing with the forklift. The additional facilities of the forklift allow Christian Muller from Boex to perform the weighing per trolley, to print the determined values and to document the order. In this way, it is not necessary for the employees of the Boex Company Germany to heft the bags with Usedshoes more often than necessary.

As soon as the Boex Company Germany has received a purchase order, an overseas container is ordered, which in turn is loaded by Christian Muller from Boex and his staff.

What do the employees say about their workplace?

An employee survey revealed that the working climate by Boex of Christian Muller is globally positive. The employees are first and foremost grateful to have found a job by the Boex Company Germany, even without a high school diploma in a big metropolis, where they are treated like persons, not like numbers. Christian Muller from Boex insists on the fact that his employees know what they dedicate their time for. It is not only about making money, but about helping people in Africa to get high-quality clothing from Germany that they can also afford. When customers come to visit, the employees get an impression of what they work for. The present employees are introduced to the buyers of used shoes, they have the opportunity to ask questions or to look at shared photos and presentations.


The familial atmosphere at the Boex Company Germany ensures the motivation of the employees and then the quality of exports. The second great advantage from the perspective of the workers is the team work. No matter, if you unload a truck, sort used shoes or load old clothing in a container, the employees of the Boex Company Germany always work in teams of at least two persons. In spite of the required concentration, work goes after a short familiarization period easily from hand, leaving enough time to talk, to share tips or tell anecdotes from everyday life. Working at the Boex Company Germany is almost like a meeting friends, except that you also can make good money.

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Protect the Environment by Choosing Germany Second Hand Shoes Online

Have you ever realized that we are practically tenants in the very world that we are living in? Don’t you think that it will be wise to ensure that there will still be natural inheritance that you can leave for your children?

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Protect the Environment by Choosing Germany Second Hand Shoes Online

Good thing that right here, right now, environmental protection is already considered as the top priority of many people, no matter where they might be in the world. Most of the time, environment protection finds an ally in the form of personal restrictions. But this must not be the case. You should know by now that both second hand footwear and clothes do not belong to the rubbish bin but to all the shoe banks that you can find in specific spots in your area.

In this society, it seems that there is no longer a person who really wears their footgear until these are completely worn out. Many people are now choosing to discard them even at the smallest evidence of wear marks. However, instead of simply throwing them to the bin, it might be a better choice for you to export your second hand shoes and make the most out of the benefits that this has to offer, not only for yourself but for the environment and the planet as a whole.

For instance, the Africans have the same figure as that of the Germans. The German second hand shoes online can easily and effortlessly fit the shoppers in the African market as far as the size is concerned. The sizes do not just play a role by second hand footwear but also the user’s weight that can affect on how you will be wearing the shoes.

Will It Not Cause Any Damages to Local Industries?

No , there is only a very small industry on textile in the country and this is not even that competitive. For some reason, the Africans cannot really afford to go for what you can call as local clothing. This is the reason why they simply rely on their imports. They always have a choice between getting new but not of good quality goods that come from other countries or they can go for Germany second hand shoes online.

Protect the Environment While Getting Quality Footwear

Protection of the environment can be guaranteed through several factors with no need for you to cope with any restrictions at all. Any unused shoes will not find themselves wandering to the trash bin. There will be no need to recycle them, which means that there are going to be no combustion gases that can then guarantee a better climate. This will also help in saving the raw materials and you have the different sense of fulfillment in knowing that there will be other people who will feel satisfied with each pair of used shoes that you did not put into the trash. It decreases the need for production of new shoes, thus, the raw materials will stay where they are.

Start your search for Germany second hand shoes online today and join in this good cause to make the world better!

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Christian Muller Boex – A Trusted Name for Second Hand Shoes

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Christian Muller Boex – A Trusted Name for Second Hand Shoes Export and Supply

Don’t you want your budget to go short just because you want to buy a new pair of shoes? Well, there is no need for you to worry because Christian Muller Boex knows and understands these sentiments all too well. This is what inspired him to come up with the idea of selling second hand shoes and that is how Boex came to existence.

Second Hand Shoes – Are These a Wise Option?

At this day and age, many people have many reasons why they choose to go for used ones. A good example is in the case of teens and children who tend to outgrow their footwear faster than you can imagine. If their budget restricts them to go for brand new ones, they still have the choice of going for used footwear that is in good and wearable condition. If you have the time and the patience, you can even go as far as searching for those that came from popular designer brands. It is a great option for shoppers who love using branded items but cannot really afford to spend thousands of dollars for their shoes.

The second hand shoes from Christian Muller Boex can also give you a great value for your cash. This can be a really affordable idea considering that you don’t even have to worry about any limitations as there are tons and tons of used footgear for you to choose from. From sandals, to boots, sports footwear and others, you can find something that will suit your needs and requirements at a fraction of a cost.

It is not a secret that brand new footwear will always have high price tags and this is what makes other shoppers left with no choice but to simple settle for a store’s older stocks. But despite the fact that these items are for sale at low value, the very reason behind this is that these options have already been out of trend and there is certainly no one who is interested for something that is already technically old and out of style. So, if you will be given a chance to choose between a used by trendy footwear and a brand new but outdated one, what would you choose? Of course, you would rather go for the one that is in style right? Basically, these second hand shoes guarantee that you wouldn’t have to shell out all your savings just for a single pair.

Find Great Choices for You

Christian Muller Boex is now one of the leading names in the field of second hand shoes in Germany and this is primarily because they stay committed to delivering only the best choices for their valued customers. Muller himself believes that people do not really need to break the bank just so they can grab the pair of shoes that they have long been dreaming of. Thanks to Boex, shopping for shoes has never been this fun, exciting and definitely rewarding more than ever. They invite all shoe lovers to visit their website to know more about their products and services.

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The (competitive) battle for the old clothing: Your advantages with the Boex company Germany

Every year in Germany, about one million tons old clothing are incurred, which people can’t or don’t want to wear anymore. The Boex company Germany has reliable numbers present, according to which approximately 10% of old clothing land in the trash. The rest, roughly 900.000 tons are re-used, donated or resold. The market niche of used shoes and old clothing is currently flooded with Pop-Ups, creating uncertainty by the original owners. In which collection containers should you throw the used shoes, the one from which the recipients benefit, or the one where shady profiteers cavort? Christian Mueller from Boex has been working in this business for decades and he knows the differences:

Charitable clothing donation or commercial export?

In principle, the world of used clothing collection is easy. Where charitable is on, should have charitable inside. Commercial export companies, instead of the emblem of the Red Cross, Maltese Cross & co, have affixed their logo or contact details on the collection containers. Charitable donations should be made available to citizens from immediate surroundings, because the non-profit aid organizations cannot afford the expensive export. Unlike commercial exports, that aim at such targets as Africa or Eastern Europe. The Boex company Germany is a traditional exporter of used shoes and old clothing. The containers are exemplary labelled (at the upper-left corner of the front door), so that no unintentional insertions should be expected, that the donor actually wanted to make available for a free donation.

So far the theory, the practice looks different…

… differently as expected, the black sheeps are hardly to be found in the commercial export to Africa & Co. to seek. Christian Mueller from Boex sees the labelling of the collection containers not only as a differentiation characteristic to charitable associations, but also as an identification mark

29-boex-used-old-secondhand-clothing_for sale

Used shoes for sale, Second hand wholesale for Africa

for collecting drivers, as well as an advertising space. To set a container of old clothing, the Boex company Germany needs a permission from the ground owner, which is rewarded with a monthly rent. The optimal location of a container is a double-sided profitable business, for which a certain experience is necessary. If the setting site is very busy, or if it is located on a convenient parking lots, where you have to stop anyway (such as the supermarket), then you can throw used shoes there, rather than if you had to take a detour for it. For this, Christian Mueller from Boex is ready to pay more, and you can benefit you from the site through the paid rent.

Charitable associations, however, don’t donate all their collections to the needy people from the area, as you would actually expect. If the shoes in Germany are no longer trendy, but still in good condition, they are given for export to Africa & Co.. Of course, this doesn’t happen free of charge, because the transactions between charitable associations and commercial exporters run continuously well. To get a comprehensive picture, you should bear in mind the purpose of revenue. The proceeds realised on the sale to Boex company Germany don’t flow into the pockets of the Association members, but are reinvested for non-profit purposes.

You advantages with the Boex company Germany

Christian Mueller from Boex looks back on many years of experience in international business. Since 1996, he has been exporting used shoes and old clothing with the Boex company Germany. Christian Mueller from Boex has made a habit visiting his customers at least once a year, whether they are in Africa, Eastern Europe or South America. This gives the close business relationship a likeable, trustworthy touch, which has always characterized the Boex distribution company Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH. Moreover, the managing director of Boex gets an impression of which shoes are in particular demand in which countries. Which criteria are important for used shoes to Africa, what is important for the export within Europe? Of course, a transparent partnership for the Boex company Germany is a two-sided question. You are willingly welcome as a guest in Frankfurt, to get to know Christian Mueller from Boex, and to convince yourself of the working methods and of the quality of the used shoes.


– Many years of professional experience in the export

– Personal contacts between Boex and customers

– Knowledge of the destination countries, culture, and requirements on used shoes

– Visit the Boex company Germany in Frankfurt on the Main.

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Boex Second Hand Shoes: The Importance of Recycling Your Shoes

To keep up with the trends and demands, people today are now inclined to shop more than ever, something that can easily lead to alarmingly overstuffed wardrobes. And when the time comes that you can no longer accommodate all of them, you just choose to throw away the excess which amounts to around 70 pounds per person every year.

boex, boex christian muller, boex germany, boex frankfurt, buy second hand shoes, buy secondhand germany, buy second hand shoes, second hand shoes supplier, second hand shoes exporter, 2nd hand shoes wholesale, Today is the perfect time to forget about this garbage. Although there are several communities that have put in place their own unique recycling programs, around 85% of these wastes end up in the landfills which occupy around 5% of the overall landfill space in and it seems that this amount is going to grow bigger and bigger in the next few years to come. For your information, this landfill space can be pretty much expensive and even more difficult to find.

This is because even the unused shoes can still be put to use all over again in one form or another. Getting rid and discarding them can be such a waste, not only of the shoes themselves but also of the energy and water that were used in manufacturing the product. Many of the shoes can actually be repurposed and the advantages of taking the time for recycling the items can far outweigh even the smallest convenience of putting this kind of items aside for the process of recycling. There is no doubt that fresh water of the world is now becoming a dwindling resource while the use of energy only contributes to the planet’s global warming, which is the biggest and most pressing environmental problem being faced by the people at this point in time.

There are definitely a lot of benefits that you can get if you patronize the Boex second hand shoes. Almost 100% of the shoes can now be put to good use all over again as long as they are still of acceptable wearable condition. Recycling shoes can greatly benefit charities, reduce the solid waste and offer employment to many Germans.

When the Germans recycle their unwanted shoes, this offers them a lot of benefits, which include the following:

• This can reduce the solid waste in the landfills.
• This demonstrates environmentalism and sustainability and lessen carbon footprint.
• It can create economic development all over the world.
• It can convert waste products to value-added items.
• It can provide employment to the semi-skilled or the marginally employable German workers.

Although the Germans might be familiar with recycling of aluminum, plastics as well as other packaging, some of them might not really understand the real value of recycling of the unwanted shoes and other clothing items.

As a responsible consumer, it is important that you do not dispose your unwanted shoes in the garbage because you can still put them to good use. The Boex second hand shoes are now becoming more and more in demand as there are now people who patronize these used shoes because of their good quality and remarkable performance.

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The second-hand clothing business part III: The collection containers of Boex

Purchasing some Germany second-hand shoes online is for customers from Africa, a fast, popular and affordable opportunity to get to used shoes of Boex. Online only refers to the contact between Christian Mueller and the buyers of used clothing in Africa, then the goods are still coming from a collection container. Collection containers – it sounds easy. You throw the used shoes and second-hand clothing inside – Is that all? Where can you find the collection containers of Boex, and what is exactly inside?

The locations of Boex

To be able to offer Germany second-hand shoes online in the appropriate sizes, Christian Mueller placed the collection containers nationwide. The collection containers are preferably set in urban regions and major cities such as Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, etc. Why? It is demonstrated that people from the country have a different stature than people living in big cities – this is of course only an average. Used shoes from Germany are ideal for the export to Africa, because the size of the two populations is almost identical. The weight and the running patterns of the African population is quite similar to the ones of our city dwellers, that’s why the shoes that are worn in the German cities suit the best for the export to Africa.


Exporter of Used sheos and Second hand clothing in Germany

How to recognize the Boex’s collection containers?

Every serious entrepreneur who has to do with the collection of old clothing and Usedshoes, identifies clearly its containers. Firstly, Christian Mueller would like to differ from the charitable associations and, secondly, he would like you to know who to contact, in case of questions or problems. Used shoes, which circulate as Germany second-hand shoes online, are collected in places that are generally highly frequented. In this way, Boex would like to spare you the efforts to drive extra to a collection container, to throw used shoes. You will find the collection containers at supermarkets, gas stations, parking lots and in many other strategic places. The pitches for collection containers are not free of charge. The better the place of the container is, the more expensive is the rent to pay for Boex, but for Christian Mueller, this service is worth in any case. If you have already thrown used shoes in one of his containers, the likeable entrepreneur of Frankfurt would like to make your donation easier.

What is actually a collection container?

Under the term collection container, experts actually mean a depot container. Theses steel tanks are characterized by a special insertion mechanism, to ensure a simple filling and storage of as many used shoes or old clothing as possible in it. Germany second-hand shoes online are in demand because of the high quality, which of course, even inside the collection container, should not be damaged by rain and moisture. The design of the container ensures protection against rain, but offers also enough air circulation to dry any wet old clothing.

To protect your donations from theft and vandalism, the collection containers are double secured. Firstly, the mentioned insertion mechanism prevents from unwanted access to the content and, secondly, they are secured with a sturdy lock or a safety latch. Since the aesthetics by clothing collection plays an important role, the collection containers of Boex are provided with an anti-graffiti lacquer. Unfortunately, this lacquer holds only a limited time, so that older collection containers are repeatedly blighted by self-proclaimed artists. Christian Mueller spends considerable sums of money for the replacement of deformed containers, and he is grateful for any hint, which could allow legal actions against the vandals.


Germany second-hand shoes are collected in collection containers, to be transported environmentally-friendly and economically. Boex pays attention, when choosing the locations, both to the needs of the recipients, as well as of the original owners. The collection containers are available in major German cities, as the size of the urban dwellers most likely corresponds to the size of the local inhabitants of the main destinations of Christian Mueller’s export company – Africa. The collection containers for second-hand clothing and used shoes are well labelled, in the places you can reach without difficulty: supermarkets, parking lots and gas stations are amongst the most popular, but they also have a high rental cost. Christian Mueller is willing to incur these costs, to facilitate your donations. The collection containers of Boex feature a sophisticated mechanism to protect used shoes and old clothing against moisture and vandalism. Used shoes from Germany are highly coveted for the export to Africa. The quality of the second-hand clothing should also be maintained under the care of Boex.

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